“Bola Pencuci Ajaib” EcoBALL adalah hasil inovasi baru dari teknologi Jerman, sebuah bola pencuci yang dapat digunakan untuk membersihkan noda dan mencuci pakaian.
Saat Anda mencuci menggunakan EcoBALL akan menarik makromolekul padat yang menempel pada kain, sehingga secara perlahan akan membersihkan noda lain dari pakaian.
Proses pelepasan makromolekul ini akan menyebabkan kadar PH dalam air meningkat, dan mengaktifkan molekul air.
Molekul air yang aktif dapat memudahkan serat kain mengendur, sehingga proses pemisahan kotoran dari pakaian lebih cepat.
Selain itu, dua bahan penting dari pembentuk detergen yaitu Surfaktan dan Builders, diidentifikasi mempunyai pengaruh langsung dan tidak langsung terhadap manusia dan lingkungan.
Surfaktan dapat menyebabkan permukaan kulit kasar, hilangnya kelembaban alami yang ada pada permukan kulit.
Bukan hanya itu saja sisa Surfaktan dapat membentuk Chlorbenzene pada proses klorinisasi pengolahan air minum PDAM. Chlorbenzene merupakan senyawa kimia beracun yang berbahaya bagi kesehatan.
EcoBALL merupakan produk ramah lingkungan karena terbuat dari bahan – bahan alami. EcoBALL terdiri dari butiran keramik alam yang dirancang secara ilmiah:
Butiran Far-Infrared Ray & Ion Negatif: memecahkan molekul air dalam ukuran nanometer, mengaktifkan enzim dalam air, sehingga meningkatkan kemampuan mencuci dari air itu sendiri.
Butiran Alkali: membantu melepaskan kotoran yang membandel.
Butiran penghilang Klor: menetralisir klorida/kaporit yang sering terdapat dalam air, sehingga melindungi oksidasi dan perubahan warna kain dan membantu mempertahankan elastisitas kain.
Butiran Antibakteri: menghilangkan jamur, organisme patogen, dan bau tidak sedap.
Bola pencuci ajaib EcoBALL adalah bola cuci kualitas terbaik.


Soap for Fat Solvents

Washing with water is quite true. So what use is made of soap and detergent? it was the act of us who want to find foods that are delicious, such as fried foods. Then fatty foods inundate our lives. As a result, oil and grease stains on the clothes or the opportunity stuck in the body. In fact, oils and fats (including the body's excretion) are not easily soluble in water. What is reasonable?
Water classified as a polar molecule, while the nonpolar oils and fats. To get rid of non-polar molecules,nonpolar solution is needed as well. Actually there is such a solution, for example perchlorethylene and naphtha.Unfortunately, these chemicals are classified as toxic and damaging to the environment. Well, soap and detergent then be a solution, at least from the absence of toxins.

Along with the developmentor a dab of soap bars turned out to be dumb when working in hard water.Fortunately there are detergentswhich have polar synthetic groups such as sulfonate and  etoksisulfat attributed to the hydrocarbon chainDespite carrying a negative chargeit only attacked the synthetic polar ions in hard water stains and then clean it continuously until completely clean. Dirt is gone, but why the first white clothes turn yellow over timeThis is perfectly normal for a white cloth to absorb blue light on the color spectrum of sunlight should be reflected. But we want to keep it white to restore the missing blue colorthen add polish to the detergentPolish is a fluorescent (such as phosphorusthat serves to absorb light and use energy ulraviolet to emit a blue colorThe blue color that will radiate a yellowish color on the fabric to hide when viewed under the blazing sunthe color blue will be more radiant, while the fabric will look whiter shine.


Within a day the day we would always want to be able to wear clothes that color is always bright and clean and certainly not always buy new clothes, it can be obtained, but on condition that during the washing process we must pay attention some very important things, that are:
1. Separate the first among the colored clothing with a white.
2. Use an appropriate detergent to the washing machine
3. Use a fabric softener which could be responsible for quality.
4. The most important is the use of clean water
In this case I will discuss about the use of clean water is to avoid undesirable results laundry most important and that we must consider is the quality of water that will be used. Try to use water:
1. Clean
2. No odor
3. Not salty
4. Does not contain metallic elements that are too large
5. Free of chemicals that may damage the pakaiaan to be washed.

Wash water containing excessive metal element will cause the clothes are washed, especially clothing that is white will seem dull and yellowish, and if this had happenedthen it is very difficult to restore to its original color.

Water that is not appropriate in terms of its chemical content will also damage the washing machine, especially wearing a tube made ​​of metal washers.

Should be in the process of washing detergent you are taking the appropriate pH and which contain chemicals that can dissolve in water and not damage the environment because somehow we will always depend on the circulation of water to support life.


My Laundry

Laundry Services at this time was no longer a need for special and not just certain people who can enjoy it, but Laundry Service has become one of the staple of almost all economic levels of people both from the rich to those who actually income that barely fit.

Why this happens .... because almost everyone has now become the slave of time from their jobs, they have to get up early to get to the workplace on time and be late at night to get home again because maybe their time runs out on the road which is increasingly crazy traffic jams. So to the problem take care of themselves alone was much less hassle to deal with problems washing laundry, not to mention the atmosphere of the weather that had not ever want friends again with people

But luckily there are people keen to see business opportunities and they are able to capture business opportunities tau laundry wash laundry often known as .... including me. Because according to my laundry business is a very promising business where the day I'm sure the number of people who need laundry services will increase, when the  economic crisis  largely destroyed but the laundry business is one business that has no effect at the time and even increased request.

If a place or area there are many people who do business laundry that does not mean shows that the level of competition in the laundry services are very heavy but quite the opposite of that in the area showed that the level of services needs laundry  extremely high. Services such as laundry for me is like a doctor  whereevery physician must have his patients himself,the  laundry  also has its own customers as far as we can provide a good service and can provide comfort and confidence to customers